Guinea Pig Toys: Egg-cersizer treat dispenser

eggcersizer guinea pig treat dispenser review

I first came across the Funkitty Egg-cersizer when Bertie and Pinniped from Crafts, Cavies and Cooking tried it out. After spotting it at a local independent pet store we decided to let our wheekers put it to the test.

Marketed as a cat toy, holes on the side of the egg allow treats to fall out when it is rolled around. The openings can be adjusted to make playtime easier or more challenging depending on the cavy's level of motivation. Some treats work better than others to keep guinea pigs active and engaged.

eggcersizer guinea pig toy review

Treats that worked well

  • Baby carrots, sliced
  • Celery, sliced
  • Bell pepper, cut into small pieces
  • Apple, cubed
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries

cavy treat dispenser review

After initial puzzlement over how to get to the food inside, Revy became quite skilled at extracting the treats. Being the feisty pig that she is, Revy seemed to take pleasure in picking it up and throwing it forcefully every so often for fun. Alternatively, Abby-Roo couldn't be bothered to chase after it.

guinea pig toys

The Egg-cersizer was a hit with Peaches, Truffle, and Belka. Truffle caught on quickly, rolling the toy across the cage and over stray poops. Playtime became a lot more interesting as the three competed for their turn. Poof joined in here and there but largely preferred to take possession of the other pigs' nibbles instead of going through the trouble herself.

The Egg-cersizer can be purchased from Amazon.
Edit: See our video of piggy playtime with the toy.


  1. You take such great photos. I'm glad your pigs like the egg-cersizer! I'm amazed that Revy will pick it up and throw it. Strong piggy!