Monthly Link Spotlight

guinea pig link roundup Peaches on laptop
"I went through all this trouble to type out a wheek. Why hasn't anyone brought me another snack?" -Peaches

Sharing guinea pig (and some non-guinea pig) related links from around the web. Enjoy!

  • Epic popcorn alert! The baby cavy in this video was so excited over his new bed, he almost flipped himself popcorning while his bemused cagemate looked on. 
  • I've kept up with Balbinka on Flickr ever since seeing this well known photo of her posing with a slice of cucumber on her chubby piggy tummy. Her adorable pictures with hamsters and various holiday props always brought a smile to my face. I was heartbroken to hear that she passed away following surgery last week but am glad that this adopted pig had such a wonderful life. 
  • If I ever get around to growing herbs, this terracotta guinea pig garden ornament would look right at home peeking out from a planter box.
  • Apparently Peaches, Truffle, and Abby-Roo understand pika-speak. All three froze and ran for cover upon hearing the warning calls in this clip
  • Crispy baked parmesan green bean fries have been my go-to snack for the past few weeks. Tossing the beans with olive oil beforehand helps the seasonings stick. The pigs also enjoy sharing the occasional fresh green bean.
  • Before the mischievous Alfalfa, there was Lee. I'm so glad he and his piggy mom managed to find each other in time. 
  • Now that summer is around the corner, it is finally pignic season! Visit Pignic Central to find one in your area. 


  1. Oh my goodness, this post just sent me into cute overload. Balbinka is sooooooo cute! And Jamie is one of the best popcorners ever, I never get tired of that clip :) What a great Friday, thanks for sharing!

  2. PS get that poor starving pig some veggies!

    1. Yep, that's Peaches - the very picture of an underfed pig! ;)

  3. Those pika are adorable! Also loved the frenzied popcorning.

  4. Oh man I wish we had Pignics in the UK!

    1. Perhaps you could plan one ;)