The Tale of Abby-Roo: A Guinea Pig Adoption Story

tale of abby roo cavy adoption story

Once upon a time in a land far, far away - California - there lived five pampered guinea pigs with their doting piggy slave.

The pigs had everything they could ask for: fresh veggies, delicious hay, spacious C&C cages, frequent hugs, and even outings where they could graze on tasty grass. Four of the pigs got along splendidly and lived together, but the last pig didn't get along with anybody and so, lived alone.

In that same sometimes-too-sunny land there was another lone cavy with ears as pink as unripe strawberries and fur as white as the stalks of Belgian endive. On one unforgiving night, this piggy - let's call her Abby-Roo - was exiled from the only home she had ever known. With nowhere to go, Abby-Roo traveled to an animal shelter. A kindly woman from Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue took her in, giving Roo food and a place to stay. There she waited for the right person to open their heart and home to her.

One day the piggy slave brought her single pig Revy to an adoption event, hoping to find her a friend. As fate would have it, Abby-Roo was there that very same day. Upon spotting Roo, the piggy slave was instantly taken by her friendly personality and plucky rooster tail. Following a promising introduction Roo decided that she would journey with Revy and the piggy slave to her forever home.

guinea pig rescue story 

After settling in, Roo developed an easy companionship with her cagemate Revy. Before long she had even learned a few tricks, including pawing at the bowl to circumvent Revy's food hogging attempts and running zoomies to avoid being picked up. No longer worried about the future, Abby-Roo was at last free to spend her days wheeking for food, lounging on fleece, fleeing from butt baths, and plotting daring escapes from nail trims.

But that is another story.

Happy one year adoption anniversary, Abby-Roo! 

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