Alpha piggy Poof

What happens to piggies who invade Poof's personal space

Having established herself as the alpha pig long ago, Poof doesn't appreciate challenges to her furry authority. Piggies who try to invade Poof's chosen cozy or pigloo are greeted with a lightning quick flash of fearsome cavy teeth.

Peaches and Belka know better than to bother a sleeping Poof. On the other hand, mischievous Truffle has been known to purposely stomp all over Poof's occupied cozy.

"Who, me? Mischievous?" -Truffle

Blink and you might miss it - satisfied at having made her point, Poof usually returns to sleep... or grudgingly makes her way over to the hay rack.


  1. Victoria used to hassle Athena right up until the point Athena would hiss at her, and then back off. She just loved to cause trouble!