Piggy traveling complaints

"Are we there yet?" -Truffle

The pigs look forward to the weekend as much as any human does - it means quality grass chomping time! However, they aren't as fond of the trip over in their traveling container.

Careful arrangement must take place to forestall piggy scuffles, lest Truffle's teeth get too close to Revy or Abby-Roo's face. Depending on Abby-Roo's mood, chattering may or may not occur. And although the journey from cage to lawn only takes a minute, squeaky muttering and complaints can be heard the entire way.

Grumbling stops the moment each cavy lands on the lawn. Frenzied munching invariably ensues.

How could anypiggy be grumpy when surrounded by tasty grass?


  1. Cutest tupperware EVER! I love all the fluff butts!

  2. Love the neat arrangement of peegs.

  3. What a great photo! I am amazed you can hold the peace long enough to get them outside.