Guinea Pig Cookie Cutter from Wheek Boutique

Poof with guinea pig cookie cutter

Some people collect coins. For others it can be shoes, stamps, artwork, or books. My weakness happens to be anything guinea pig related. So when I caught wind of these adorable piggy shaped cookie cutters I squealed and immediately set about getting my hands on one.

unique guinea pig cookie cutter gift

The cookie cutter would make a great gift for any guinea pig lover or baking enthusiast.  Measuring 3" by 4.5", it comes prepackaged with a pretty bow and a recipe for cookie dough and icing.

Find it at Wheek Boutique, an Etsy shop run by Orange County Cavy Haven volunteers. They also sell cozies, cuddle cups, cage liners, and lap pads. Proceeds go to support OCCH rescue efforts.

decorated guinea pig shaped cookies
Image by OCCH

I loved the cookie decorating ideas above provided by OCCH volunteer Tammy Geisick. So many decorating possibilities - you can use icing, chocolate, nuts, or raisins to make lookalikes of your pig, or make another pig altogether. I already have plans to dress up an entire herd of cookies... now whether they'll turn out looking like piggies or potatoes is another story.

Anyone else planning on buying one? Do you have any decorating ideas to add?


  1. I just bought one! I think I might go with white flood icing & edible markers/paint like Tammy did. Otherwise some textured fun "20 second" royal icing to give the fur some texture, and capture some of that "abby-tude" we all love! You could also cover them with fondant (roll it out in a pasta/clay machine and use the cookie cutter to cut it out) which would be fast but the price might add up. This is such a fun cutter, thank you for sharing :)

    1. Great ideas! I have no experience at all with icing or decorating so thanks for the pro tips :)

  2. Amazing biscuits, so realistic!

  3. If you freeze your cut-out cookies before you bake them, they'll retain their shape better (not potatoes). If you have time, put them in the freezer for about an hour before you bake them. You may need to add a few extra minutes baking time. After baking, let them cool 10 minutes, then put them in the freezer for several hours until good and frozen. When you're ready, make your icing, dip each cookie, and set it on a cooling rack to dry. It helps to add meringue powder. This will help the cookies dry faster and have a harder (still delicious) shell. Then grab a brush, some food coloring (I use a plate as my palette), paint, and allow to dry.

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing your tips! Looking forward to trying them out :)