Hungry faces, impatient piggies

"Server! Where's my lettuce?" -Belka
Belka and Peaches are the first to come running when they overhear the sounds of produce being prepped. Regardless of whether the food being readied is for pig or human, every occasion warrants investigative wheeking.

But where is Truffle? Depends on her appetite: either following on Poof's heels or lounging in the cuddle cup in hopes of getting a treat in bed. Otherwise it's easier to wait for the other pigs to do all the work!

"Room service please" -Truffle


  1. Excellent! I love how some pigs let everyone else do the work.

  2. We wheek when we hear food coming too!

  3. We've just got a baby piggy from a rescue shelter. Noah was three weeks old when we got him last Monday, and he hasn't yet learned the slave/food connection. It's going to be interesting to find out when it happens!

    1. Congrats on welcoming little Noah into your family! I'm sure you'll hear it once he figures it out :)

  4. Wendy used to be the dominant wheeker in our family but now she sits in her little tunnel with her nose peeking out and let's the others do the dirty work. She's turned into quite the diva the past few months!