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guinea pig link roundup Truffle on laptop
"Leaving my calling cards behind for the humans to find" -Truffle

Between pignics and a jaw-dropping charity auction, it's been a busy month in the piggy world. Truffle presents this month's guinea pig (and some non-guinea pig) related links.

  • When adopted pig Lucky passed away, he left behind the guinea pig sized suit of armor his owner Sean had crafted for him. In honor of Lucky's memory, Sean decided to auction the armor and donate the proceeds to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. The custom chain mail and helmet set quickly gained exposure from several media outlets, including an interview from CNN. It was relisted after the original winning bidder backed out. One day left until the auction ends! 
  • Happy birthday to Fairy! Our favorite special pig shared photos from her fourth birthday celebration. The fleece television shaped hidey house paired with the couches was simply adorable. For those not familiar with Fairy's medical background, this article explains what Lethal Whites are.
  • I really enjoyed reading about the first pignic held this year. See more photos of the Boston Spring 2013 Pignic in this album.
  • The pigs get to indulge in basil whenever I make pasta with vegetarian meatballs. I double the amount of basil, parsley, and garlic used, then saute the meatballs with sliced bell pepper or zucchini for a hearty meal.
  • Undercover Guinea Pig agents Ghost, Iron Hamster, and F1 have the neatest outdoor hideaway. Their piggy mom cut the bottom out so they wouldn't be sitting in pee. Now, where to find a mini tent? 

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