Peaches on alert


Long accustomed to the typical sounds of a piggy household, Peaches isn't fazed by much. On the rare occasions that Peaches does get startled she assumes what we call the "Peachy-dog" pose - a look that brings to mind the image of a watchdog on alert.

She stands tall on her front paws with the bulk of her weight resting on her bottom. Her eyes are wide open and alert while the rest of her body is held quite still. Only her head moves as she scans the area for signs of anything unfamiliar. Who knows what sort of dastardly villain might be out to steal the veggies!

Sounds that greatly disturb Peaches include: fireworks, beeps, jangling keys, Katy Perry songs, and people speaking loudly in Slavic languages (who knew?).

Cuddles, verbal reassurances, and particularly enticing morsels help to convince her that all is still well in Piggy Land.


  1. Cress sometimes does that when she hears a fezant!

  2. Too cute! Fergie does this too and we call it Guard-doggin'. What a cute face :)