Enjoying our guinea pig bunk beds

Guinea pig Revy sleeping in C and C bunk bed cage accessory

We've been using C&C bunk beds in the pigs cage for the past few months (DIY instructions on how to build your own). As expected, some cavies use the upper loft more often than others.

Revy and Abby-Roo take turns using the bunk bed. Every so often Abby-Roo can be spotted nestled in the corner. At other times Revy can be seen sprawled across something fuzzy. The more cage accessories, the better!

Guinea pig Truffle in C&C bunk bed

In the cage next door, Truffle and Peaches can frequently be seen napping upstairs. Surprisingly, athletic Belka rarely decides to hop up for a snooze - the only time she bothers to is when the pellet bowl is placed there.

Three guinea pigs enjoying bunk bed

Poof is perfectly willing to sleep in the top bunk, often curling around the bowl in order to keep an eye on her precious pellets. And of course, the lower bunk is popular with all the pigs. Who can resist a good hiding spot?


  1. I love how Poof is lounging and eating at the same time - one of Jaina's favorite moves!
    Every time I see Revy, Abby-Roo & Poof it just makes me want an Abby that much more!

  2. Oh yeah, thats good because my piggies love to snuggle on things like fleece especially Blossom. I have a photo of her snuggling on my knee on my blog, although it's really hard to find.

  3. You could always lower it or give them a ramp to help them up. Pretty easy to make if you have a towel, an extra grid, and a few binder clips handy.

  4. I want one for my two piggies, Herbie and Blossom! Although I might need something to help them up with as they're not the brightest of pigs.

  5. I got a cube set with "shelves" to attach and used them conveniently to create a bunk bed like this attached to one corner. THEY LOVE IT. One is usually in there and the other in the wooden hidey hole. I usually put toys/treats up top to encourage them to get some exorcise (am I the only one with little piggies for pigs? All they do is eat!) but they enjoy the extra hidey space.

  6. Glad they enjoy it! Putting treats upstairs is a great way to encourage exercise... food is the best motivator.