What's in our fridge: Honeydew Melon

Can guinea pigs eat honeydew melon? Truffle says yes!

Giving your guinea pig honeydew melon is a tasty way to keep them hydrated on warm summer afternoons. Cavies can eat both the rind and the pale green flesh. Remember to scoop out the seeds, which present a choking hazard.

Like watermelon, honeydew is high in water content but also contains quite a bit of sugar for our little piggies. When feeding honeydew, cut down the sugar intake by carving the rind so that minimal flesh remains.

Seasonal availability: Peaks in summer but can be found year round.

How to pick: Ripe honeydew will have a yellow or cream colored rind and a sweet scent. Avoid melons with bruised spots.

Preparation: Wash the rind well and discard the seeds. Cut into 1" x 2" sized pieces per each cavy.

Truffle the guinea pig with honeydew melon

All six peegs give honeydew their unanimous vote of approval. Even the famously picky Truffle and Abby-Roo get excited when they catch a whiff of the summery aroma. Pleased purrs resound every time they discover honeydew being handed out... in fact, they may actually like it more than watermelon! 

Compare honeydew with other guinea pig safe foods on the Guinea Lynx Diet & Nutrition chart.

Are your pigs honeydew aficionados? 


  1. Oh yes! They love all types of Melon - Water, Honeydew, Galia, Cantaloupe, you name it, they'll eat it and then wheeek for more!

    1. Galia, now there's something my girls haven't tried before! I'll have to keep an eye out for that one :)