Napping in the Fleece Forest

Guinea pig Poof sleeping under fleece forest

Running zoomies! Hiding! Stealth pooping!

The pigs use their fleece forest for a variety of purposes but napping is the most common one. Stealth beaning follows behind at a close second.

Guinea pig Belka naps under fleece fringe

All the girls love snoozing underneath the fringe. Above, Poof's nose can be seen peeking out through the curtain. Belka was content to slumber on the outskirts of the canopy. 

Truffle was left to contemplate whether it would be worth risking the alpha pig's ire to secure a spot for herself. Hmm... Poof or pigloo? 

She went for the pigloo.

Want to make a fleece forest for your guinea pigs? Here's a tutorial


  1. Belka is demonstrating one of my favorite piggy sleep positions - we call this Prayer Feet because it reminds us of bowing down in worship. Such cuties!

  2. Aww they look so content and relaxed!