Requesting Floor Time Treats, Please

Belka asking for treats

The girls are well versed in exploiting their cuteness for the sake of fruit or veggie treats. Their usual spectacle involves clambering up the grids, standing on their hind legs, and waving their noses about, all while singing a compelling chorus of piggy wheeks.

Peaches and Belka standing on foot for treats

Now the show has been extended to the floor time arena. Lately Belka and Peaches have taken up a practice of climbing on the nearest human's foot in hopes of earning a tasty snack... preferably a delectable piece of fruit.

Belka and Truffle investigate

Not all the pigs are so eager though. Both Revy and Poof are willing to approach if they hear the familiar sounds of food being distributed. However, people-shy Truffle and Abby-Roo require a fair amount of coaxing.

Still, how could anyone resist those hopeful button eyes?


  1. If everyone would have some guinea pig cuteness in their lives each day, the world's problems would be solved. I'm sure of it.

  2. I sure couldn't resist! Such cuties :) My favorite is when Fergie does that and gets too excited and falls over backwards - priceless! Good thing piggies have so much chub to fall back on!

    1. Piggy chub - doubles as insulation and built-in padding! ;)