Guinea Pig Nutrition Charts and Unsafe Foods List

Guinea pig Abby-Roo with nutrition chart food list
"Does this baby carrot contain enough Vitamin C for me?" -Abby-Roo

Ever wondered if a certain vegetable is good for your guinea pig, how much sugar they're getting from that grape, or if the parsley you're feeding contains enough Vitamin C?

If so, be sure to take a look at GuineaLynx's nutrition charts below. These handy reference charts contain a comprehensive list of foods that can be included in your cavy's diet, complete with a breakdown of sugar, Vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous values. The last two are particularly important if you have a pig who is prone to developing bladder stones.

Additional charts provide nutrition information for different types of hay.

Just as important is a checklist of foods you should NOT feed to your guinea pig. Poisonous plants can be avoided with a little care.

Happy munching!

Note: This is an update of a post originally published on May 30, 2012. 

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