Veggie Beard or Fangs?

Peaches shows off her food mustache

Somehow, Peaches always manages to create the goofiest veggie beards. Above is the piggy face I was presented with after her encounter with a particularly juicy pile of lettuce.

Dripping with green juices, Peaches had a satisfied look on her face that boded ill for any other veggies crossing her path. With the way she was prowling about, she looked as if she was sporting a pair of fangs. Perhaps she was putting on her best piggy vampire impression to ward off Truffle?

Not yet, Peaches... you still have two months to go until Halloween!


  1. Adorable, and the little smiley face of Truffle peeking behind.

    1. Smiling while waiting for the right moment to snatch the lettuce out from under Peaches' nose.