Piggy Veggie Beards - A Gallery of Messy Eaters

On cavies, veggie beards are not actual beards, but rather a figurative beard composed of dripping vegetable or fruit juices that the pig has managed to accumulate on his lips, chin or neck fur. This grubby yet adorable phenomenon can be observed after a spirited meal.

The veggie beard comes in a variety of colors, with the most common hues being green and yellow. Leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, parsley and dandelion greens are primarily responsible for these stains. Shades of berry, pink and orange are also possible if the pig has consumed bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries.

An infamous food slob, Peaches is the poster pig for cavy veggie beards (as evidenced previously here and here). She can frequently be spotted wallowing amidst half eaten romaine leaves while sporting a sodden green mustache.

Abby-Roo is turning out to be as untidy an eater as Peaches. The entire area from under her chin to her front paws can be tinted a different color, depending on what she had to eat earlier that day. For Abby-Roo, tomatoes often result in a fetching yellow bib.

Also a hearty eater, Coppy was never shy about scarfing down snacks and asking for more.

Fastidious Morry managed to keep his fluffy Peruvian locks food-free... except when it came to his beloved Critical Care. He would take huge mouthfuls, attempt to lick up any spilled droplets, then lick his lips clean afterwards.

Poof's fetching lip stain was the result of an encounter with a juicy blackberry.

Like Poof, Revy is also very fond of berries - along with just about every other fruit in existence! Her massive sweet tooth has earned her the nickname "Sugar Pig". Too bad she doesn't get fruits that often.

Belka is fairly adept at keeping herself well groomed and juice-free. The exception is when she is being fed Critical Care.

Try as we might, no one has ever been able to spot Truffle with a dirty chin. She is always immaculately spotless, a paragon of cleanliness. Clearly somebody is determined to stay out of the bath.

Do your pigs ever give themselves veggie beards?


  1. Vicky was known for her tomato and red pepper fu manchu. Pinni never looks messy, but I'm sure it's just because black hides everything. Bertie has nice white fur around her mouth, and it's often stained green.

  2. Boomer and Bucky will get veggie beards depending on what they have been fed. Pepper, tomato and melon leave a particular stain, the beards never last long as they are tidy pups.

    The lads are not often seen with veggie beards owing to the darker colour of their hair.

  3. Wendy gets some pretty epic Fu Manchu-style veggie beards going on. Thanks to her long, white silky fur she stains easily. Usually Jaina is happy to lick her beard clean if Wendy doesn't get to it fast enough.

    Jaina also has a massive sweet tooth - the only thing she will stand up and "t-rex" for are fruits. Like Revy, she's sad she doesn't get her little paws on sweets more often!