An Afternoon Snooze

Snoozing Revy peeg

Revy and Poof were particularly relaxed during their post-meal afternoon nap the other day.

Revy flopped down inside a pigloo with her snout strategically positioned to keep an eye out for a chance treat. A closer look showed the tip of her paw settled under her chin, ready to propel her forward for veggies at a moment's notice.

Sleepy Poof

In the cage next door, Poof curled up in her corner cabin upstairs. I couldn't resist tickling her delicate whiskers. In response, Poof backed up and gave me the stink eye.

Where were all the other pigs? Munching away at the hay rack... it takes dedication to maintain that piggy chub and wear down those peeg teefs!


  1. Your piggies are adorable! I love seeing my Rufus at rest too. He looks so sweet! xo Jennifer

  2. So cute! Your description of Revy is so accurate....both for her and for Fergie. I love how sleepy they are! Our pigs are all passed out now as well after a good 45 minutes at the park eating as much grass as possible.