Happy Monday from Abby-Roo

Fluffy guinea pig Abby-Roo
"I'm not fat, I'm FLUFFY." -Abby-Roo

Happy Monday from Abby-Roo! Because everybody could use a dose of guinea pig cuteness to start off their week.

As the youngest pig in the herd Abby-Roo used to be the lightest on the scale. When we adopted her last May she clocked in at a mere 717g.

Now at 1080g she regularly matches up to dainty Truffle (1065g), even outweighing her on multiple occasions. Roo's fluffy locks only add to the effect, making her look huskier than she actually is.

We know, Roo... you're not fat, you're just fluffy! 


  1. Could totally cover her in kisses. What a fluff ball!

  2. You should see her after a wedge of tomato.. she gets an epic drippy orange chin!

  3. She does look rather husky! And soft and snuggly, too. Love that cute little footsie and the awesome veggie beard :)