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Revy guinea pig link roundup
"Hint: the treats should be green." -Revy

A costumed Revy helps to share her favorite guinea pig (and some non-guinea pig) related links from October. Doesn't she make a convincing pumpkin?

  • Early attempts to teach my girls the circle trick were met with stares of rebellion and disdain. Which is why I'm impressed by this pig. Not only has he mastered the circle trick but he also has NBA-worthy basketball skills! Thanks to Fergie and Jaina's piggy mom for sharing :)

  • I love how this guinea pig print pillow is made up of dozens of tiny pigs in different markings and colors. 

  • Watch a video of rescue volunteer Scott on a mission to transport adoptable wheekers from LA Guinea Pig Rescue to Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption. 

  • If you're a Google+ user, add me to your circles to keep up with the piggy posts!

  • Sewing tutorials for your piggy: fleece tent and quilted cozy. I haven't personally tried these but they look promising.

  • I've been a fan of artist Lesley DeSantis' illustrations for ages - and now she has an entire cavy care ebook that is filled with them! Check out The Guinea Pig Guide. Psst.. sign up at the bottom for a sneak preview.

  • A recipe for savory mushroom and Brussels sprouts pasta. Delicious. 

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  1. First of all, I am so glad I am not the only one with rebellious guinea pigs who can't even learn how to turn in circles....what relief! I gave up after a solid 6 weeks of "training" where I mostly got beaned on and they got free treats. Psh.

    That guinea pig pillow is way too cute! And...kinda matches the orange rug I have ;) time to spruce up the new place, perhaps?!

    I have had my eye on that tent pattern for a while...I can't resist small, cute things and it would be even cuter with piggy chubs flowing out of it!