Happy Hallo-wheek from the Phantom

Revy the Phantom of the Pigloo

Happy Hallo-wheek from Revy! With her built-in mask and bellowing wheek, she decided she would be the perfect Phantom of the Opera.

Revy admits she doesn't usually spend her days hanging around onstage and playing (read: chewing) the piano, but she does enjoy lounging in cozies.

She's willing to settle for being called the Phantom of the Pigloo.. as long as she gets something green to eat.


  1. Hey Alice, Could we maybe use this pigture of Revy for our Undercover guinea pig calendar 2014? I just love it!
    Mieke from the UCGP blog

  2. My favorite Phantom pig - hi Revy! I love the write-up haha :)

  3. Phantom of the Pigloo! Too cute! Love your mini scene! xo Jennifer

  4. Love that! the built-in mask is perfect.