Truffle the Tiny Terror

Truffle and Peaches

In the piggy social hierarchy rules, mealtimes are often a no holds barred free-for-all. But pigloo residency? That's another story.

As second-in-command, Truffle isn't shy about using her place to demand a favored hideaway - even if someone else is already napping in it. Despite her petite stature she is capable of a successful eviction in three seconds flat, earning herself the illustrious nickname of Truffle the Tiny Terror.

Peaches and Belka know to beat a hasty retreat as soon as they see Truffle staring them down. To Peaches' relief, Truffle wasn't interested in that particularly cozy... not this time.


  1. What a great nickname! I am glad you got to keep your comfy spot this time, Peaches :)

  2. Little adorable but naughty piggy butt!

  3. I'm always amazed how they throw their weight around, and how fearless they are to oust another pig.