A Repurposed Feeder

Abby-Roo using feeder

While browsing for different solutions to keep Poof from dumping her pellet bowl out on the floor, I came across a hanging bird feeder. After a short exam, I purchased it in the hopes that the feeder would prevent Poof from wreaking daily havoc.

Not so. Wily Poof, Belka, and Peaches quickly figured out the most efficient way to extricate the pellets: by headbutting the bottom of the feeder until it popped out of the mount.

Today the bird feeder hangs in Abby-Roo and Revy's cage. Both adapted to using it fairly quickly. As a bonus, you can catch a glimpse of their fuzzy pig tummies whenever they perch on the rim.
Gotta work for the food!

1 comment:

  1. So cute!

    I could totally picture my girls dong the head-butt thing.