Revy's Sensitive Nose

As a pig with a voracious appetite, Revy loves eating different foods - but doesn't always appreciate how they smell. 

Upon being presented with certain snacks she will rear back and make comical faces to convey her disgust for the accompanying aroma. The list of foods with scents that offend Revy include basil, cilantro, banana, and of course, orange. Though her sensitive nose certainly doesn't stop her from devouring them.

Revy started to make funny faces as soon as she caught a whiff of the orange wedge. So tasty, yet so offensive! 

Are there any scents that your pigs can't stand? 


  1. Yep she eats it, grimacing all the while. It's rather amusing to watch.

  2. So funny. Seems like Revy shares a mutual dislike and piggy personality quirk with your boys!

  3. My boys do the same thing with oranges! "No, no, it's too strong, it's too much... Om nom nom..."

  4. So funny! Fergie does the "offended face" a lot, too. Basil, this weird skinnier-leafed cilantro from my friend's garden, and any type of lotion or perfume sets her off for sure.

    I am with Sally, I would think the smell would deter them from eating/enjoying it as it would for a human. Or maybe this is like Stinky Tofu which smells like death but people still love to eat it!

  5. That's hilarious! I've never seen a pig that has reacted that way to scent. And yet she eats it? I would have thought the smell would have prevented her from enjoying it.