Dodging the Carrier

Revy on grass
"Grass?! NOM." -Revy

As temperatures drop and autumn settles in, the pigs have had increasingly few opportunities to graze outdoors. Luckily for them, last weekend was warm enough for a brief chow session... not that they were willing to cooperate.

Upon spotting the carrier the pigs eyeballed me suspiciously and bolted. After all, the last few times it made an appearance Revy and Belka found themselves being examined by the vet. Escape artist Abby-Roo made a valiant attempt to avoid capture, dancing around the cage several times before being secured. Pleased purrs resounded when the pigs were greeted by a carpet of grass instead.

Soon I'll be growing wheatgrass for them indoors. Piggy lawn mowing duties will resume in the spring!


  1. I sadly put away my outdoor pen two weeks ago. I had to admit it was not going to be warm enough again this season. :-(

    The carrier is always met with suspicion. Regardless of where it ends (pignic or the vet), it's a long ride in-between.

  2. You look gorgeous, Revy! I need to get on the wheat grass bandwagon before my pigs boycott me!