2013 Guinea Pig Weight Charts

Guinea pig weight chart

Routinely weighing your guinea pig is a recommended part of guinea pig care. Since sudden weight loss and a decreased appetite are among the first noticeable symptoms of illness, regular weighing is good practice. Kitchen scales are the perfect size for guinea pigs and provide more accurate readings than the larger scales meant to be used by humans. The entire chase-grab-weigh-record process is quick and doesn't take more than a few minutes.

Another year, another ton of hay and veggies devoured. We have a routine of weighing the pigs twice a week. Here's a chart that tracks changes in their weights for 2013.

For the most part, Peaches and Revy worked hard to maintain their spots as the chunkiest pigs. In the meantime, the formerly little Abby-Roo lost her title as the smallest of the herd. That spot went to Truffle, who in true diva pig fashion, became even pickier with her food.

To another year of uninterrupted munching!


  1. Whew, I'm glad you managed to catch illnesses before they became serious! Pigs can hide symptoms so well that sometimes, finding a sudden drop in weight is the only red flag you get. Prey animal instincts and all that.

    The weight charts were pretty easy to make in Excel. Although looking at it now I wish I had made one line in orange!

  2. Amen to the chase part, sheesh! We weigh our pigs every time we do a cage clean, it's easiest to remember it that way and I have actually caught illnesses this way in the past. Great recommendation and good knowledge for piggy owners! And you've inspired me to do colorful weight charts, way prettier than my black & white and who doesn't love color?

  3. I keep record our piggies weight on Excel too. I also note when nails are clipped, and any other things of note, such as baths, favourite foods etc.

  4. A medical chart for each pig, nice work! I have an entire binder full dedicated to their health info.