Fur Styling for Abby-Roo

Fur styling for Roo

Being an extraordinary fluffy pig occasionally has its drawbacks. Abby-Roo is lamentably familiar with fur trims, rump inspections, and frequent butt baths.. However, her most recent grooming session brought a new surprise: a braid.

Last weekend was a cavy maintenance fest, with nail trims and butt baths all around. Whereas her cagemates were able to retreat to the safety of their cozies afterwards, Abby-Roo was whisked away to get her fur worked on.

A quick combing showed that her tail feathers had grown quite long so on a whim, I weaved her fur into a braid before clipping it short. Like any self-respecting pig, Abby-Roo made her impatience clear with spastic twitching and complaints. After suffering the indignity of a mini plait and a trim, she was all too ready to return to her cage.

Forget the fur styling, this is one wheeker that prefers to go au naturel!

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