Piggy Chin Pettage

Peaches chin pettage

Piggy chins. Chubby and covered with velvety fur, it is difficult to resist petting them. Naturally though, not every guinea pig is a fan of this whimsy and each has a different method of expressing their opinions.

Truffle, who can't tolerate the indignity of chin pettage, uses her paws to bat at the trespassing fingers. "MY chin, no touchy!" Depending on the mood she's in, Peaches will either yank her face away or tilt her head slightly to permit a few scratches. Poof and Belka tolerate chin tickles only briefly, complaining squeakily when they've had enough. Revy simply expresses disapproval with an immediate nip to the offending hand.

Abby-Roo is the only pig who enjoys chin and cheek rubs, even lifting her head to allow better access. As long as nobody goes anywhere near her butt fluff, she's happy.

Do your pigs enjoy chin rubs? Or, like Truffle and Revy, are they firmly in the Anti Chin Petting camp?

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