13 Popular Guinea Pig Articles from 2013

With only a few days left until NYE, I wanted to highlight some of the most popular articles from 2013. Here's a recap of the year, in piggy posts. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration or useful tips for your guinea pigs!

guinea pig C&C bunk bed
Guinea pig bunk bed tutorial. Revy and Truffle enjoy napping upstairs.

guineapig C&C fleece cage tour

how to make guinea pig tunnel toy
DIY tunnel toy. Easy to make and practically free.

Guinea pig Abby-Roo with nutrition chart food list
Guinea pig safe foods list. Abby-Roo approves.

how to make your guinea pig a fleece forest
Fleece forest tutorial. Make your own for under $5 - no sewing required!

guinea pig alternative beddings review fleece and furniture pads
Bedding: U-haul furniture pads. Better than towels, IMO.

How to Clean Your Guinea Pig's Grease Gland
How to clean your piggy's grease gland. Spoiler alert: butt baths ahead!

Waiting in the wagon
2013 Bay Area Pignic. Cuteness galore.

Poof wheatgrass
How to grow wheatgrass indoors. The peegs love getting this treat when it's too cold for grazing outside.


The herd at the piggy kissing booth
Piggy kissing booth. The girls were bribed into testing it out before Pignic.

Peaches with felt guinea pig Christmas ornament
Felt ornament tutorial. I have one left to go! Like Poof herself, that fluff of hers is surprisingly hard to capture.

Abby-Roo shows how to layer fleece bedding in your guinea pig's cage
An intro to fleece bedding. For cavy owners interested in making the switch.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your piggy stories. Wishing each of you a happy, pig-filled remainder of 2013!


  1. Hi Mary, congrats on your new piggy family!

    Like you mentioned, guinea pigs are naturally shy so it may take a while for them to adjust - perhaps several weeks, or even up to a few months. Spend time with them regularly to encourage bonding. Try to avoid spooking them with loud noises or sudden movements. Speak to them so they become used to the sound of your voice (especially when approaching the cage).

    And definitely bribe them with veggie treats when you hold them. Food will go a long way towards winning their trust. With patience they'll be wheeking hello and showing their personalities before you know it.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi! We just added two piggies to our household. Both females. SaltySpice and SugarPepper. They are both timid, to be expected, I'm wondering if you have tips on helping them adjust to us. Came from a household with many other pets and a child. I just want to be sure they're safe and content. Moving is quite stressful.