Edible Veggie Tree

Edible Tree: Before

The pigs got a special holiday surprise: an edible Christmas tree! Made out of a few of their favorite veggies, the culinary creation took us twenty minutes to assemble - and only two minutes for them to demolish.

Red lettuce leaves formed the base while garlands of parsley encircled the bottom. A bell pepper star perched at the top above ornaments of cranberries and chopped carrot bits. 

Edible Tree: After

Being nearest to the plate, Revy and Poof wasted no time devouring the parsley. Belka grabbed a star immediately as Peaches shouldered her aside to claim her share. Even Abby-Roo and Truffle held off on the territorial chattering until they had finished eating.

Judging by the speedy consumption time and resulting carnage, the edible tree was a hit. Looks like the peegs have something else to add to their wishlist! 


  1. Happy holidays to you all too :) the peegs send their hellos!

  2. Belka was making a beeline for the bell pepper and Poof was in the process of devouring a mouthful of parsley. Those two certainly had their priorities straight!

  3. What a lovely tree - lucky peegs! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  4. Impressive tree. I love that photo, especially the look on Poof's face, and Belka's nose wedging in there.

    What fun!