In Our Fridge: Brussels Sprouts

For variety's sake, we occasionally treat the pigs to a few leaves of Brussels sprouts.

As with any other cruciferous vegetable, Brussels sprouts may cause gas or bloat in guinea pigs.
Strictly limit the amount given.

Seasonal availability: Peak season runs fall through spring but can be found year round.

How to pick: Look for sprouts with firm, brightly colored leaves. Avoid those with yellowed, wilted leaves.

Preparation: Remove from stem. Wash and slice into bite sized pieces, or peel off individual leaves to feed your cavy.

There was no suspicious hesitation the first time Peaches and Poof got a taste. Both cavies scarfed it down as if they had been eating it their entire lives. Revy and Belka also devoured the leaves like nobody's business. Truffle and Abby-Roo had a more nonchalant attitude about the miniature cabbages. They were amenable to eating a leaf or two but abandoned any additional offerings in favor of hunting for something else.

Do your pigs enjoy Brussels sprouts?

1 comment:

  1. Those poor, starving pigs. You obviously aren't handing out those Brussels sprout leaves *nearly* fast enough!

    I love how tall Peaches gets!