Ask Alice: Am I Overfeeding My Guinea Pig?

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"We have ample food in our piggy cage at all times. But, I find that our two piggies tend to 'pig out' every chance they get and we're refilling bowls and hay numerous times throughout the day.
I'm not overdoing it, am I? I don't want them to get sick or something from over eating."
Hi Mandy,

That's a good question! Sometimes new cavy owners are concerned that their guinea pigs are eating too much. But when it comes to hay and water, you don't have to worry.

Quality grass hay and water should be available to your pigs at all times. Hay is necessary to keep their digestive systems moving and their teeth from overgrowing. A cavy's teeth are constantly growing so the fibrous strands help wear them down. By giving them unlimited access to hay, you're actually helping your pigs to avoid potential dental issues!

However, you can cut back on pellets if you're concerned about piggy obesity. Instead of free feeding, you can give each pig about 1/8 cup daily along with their hay and fresh veggies. Guinea Lynx recommends roughly 1 cup of vegetables per day in order for pigs to get an adequate amount of Vitamin C.

Hope those feeding guidelines help! :)

Guinea Lynx - Care Guide: Diet

Disclaimer: The Author is not a veterinarian. All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult a veterinarian licensed in your state for all matters related to your pet's health. If you suspect your guinea pig is ill, seek medical attention from a qualified veterinarian immediately.


  1. Nice strategies! Always good to encourage piggy exercise.

  2. My pigs are free fed on pellets never had an issue but I know plenty who do over eat .. I also put it up high stops them from pooping in it also makes them get up to it so that helps with the exercise .. I also made one of the vertical hay racks that this blog posted a how to on .. love watching them stretch way up to the top to get that perfect piece pf hay !!

  3. New home, more peegs to hug and love - very exciting!

  4. Thanks! That makes sense. We're hoping to move home this year to a bigger place, and then get more peegs, so that's why I was curious.

  5. I break up meals into several courses instead of feeding them a mixed salad with everything all at once. That ensures each pig will get their share of bell pepper, lettuce, cilantro, etc. Or else each will be pigging out only on their favorites!

  6. MandyChameleonStampedeApril 1, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Thanks for this! My piggies appreciate it ;)

  7. Although my question doesn't affect me at the moment, I'm curious to know how you ensure that each of your peegs gets their right share of food?