Hay Box for One

Abby-Roo Hay Box

The empty cardboard strawberry cartons we get from the local market happen to be the perfect size for filling with hay. To encourage foraging I toss in a mix of timothy, orchard, and bluegrass.

The peegs can't resist diving in and munching to their heart's content. It's an unspoken piggy rule that "new" hay is always tastier than "old" hay... even if the allegedly old hay was refreshed only ten minutes ago.

Abby-Roo is usually perched on the side, nibbling delicately while Revy wolfs the strands down. The occasional squabble ensues when they both try to squeeze in together. Just because the box can fit two doesn't mean they want to share!


  1. Ahh the joys of new hay! I love watching all the pip ironing and frantic clammering to get the first bite!

  2. New hay is always best! Such silly pigs.

  3. I purchase all my hay (and pellets) from KMS Hayloft.

    Superb quality and a great value when you buy in bulk. My pigs love their hay!

  4. Where do you get your bluegrass? In Singapore, there are no bluegrass retailers, and I can always get some online, and if possible, shipped to singapore. My pigs love both orchard and timothy, and I want to try bluegrass with them soon!