Guinea Pig Speak: Ready to Go

As you get to know your pig's personality, you'll learn that each cavy has their own method of communicating. One time it pays to be attentive is during cuddle time - all the better to avoid a wet lap. My girls use a few common signals to get their point across when they're ready to go home.

Poof and Revy are pretty good about holding it in. Gentle nibbles are their way of letting us know they need to go, "Bathroom, stat!" Peaches and Belka prefer to demonstrate their athletic prowess by forcefully tugging at the nearest cloth or worse, shirt.

Little Truffle and Abby-Roo become quite fidgety, occasionally even climbing up my arm. Truffle likes to take it a step further by circling and dropping warning beans. Although in her case it isn't because she wants to go to the bathroom, but because she's had enough of cuddling.

Sometimes the pigs will employ several signals at once, combining vigorous yanks with the occasional chatter in between. You can see their expression, "Move FASTER, human!"

How do your pigs communicate that they're ready to go?


  1. Glad to help.. hopefully it will help you avoid a piggy-induced change of clothes!

  2. Smart peegs! Noah should give potty training classes ;)

  3. MandyChameleonStampedeApril 1, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    Thank you for this! This topic so important for us new piggie parents! ...and the blooper reel is fab!!!

  4. Friends think I'm out of my mind when I tell them that our peegs tell us that they need to pee!

    Perky tugs at whatever fabric is closest to his teeth, and Noah can't settle in any one place and fidgets.

    Noah was born on 9th June last year, and he hasn't caused a soggy lap in the nine months we've had him!