Pig Sized Pillows

Abby-Roo pillows 

Some time ago I found a woodland creatures themed fleece pattern and sewed a couple of pillows for the pigs to use. Initially, the girls were duly unimpressed. "Is this edible? No. Well, then is it a cozy? Hmph, too small."

I placed the pillows out of the way in the upper level of their bunk bed and forgot about them for a while. It wasn't until Abby-Roo started using the space as a retreat from Revy's cantankerous moods that the cushions started to get some use. Now Abby-Roo can frequently be seen playing interior decorator, picking them up with her teeth and nosing them into a more comfortable arrangement before plopping down on the lot.

I'm glad that somebody is enjoying them!


  1. I should make one of them for my guinea pig Herbie's 4th birthday.

  2. PipPeanutand PiggiesAugust 8, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help. I'm thinking the bunk bed would be a great thing to add to the collection of cage accessories.

  3. Thanks for the kind words - I'm so glad you find it helpful!

    From what you described, Cappuccino sounds like an Abyssinian. They're known for their trademark swirls of fur (called "rosettes") and feisty attitudes.

    More space and recreational area to run around and hide in is always appreciated by your pigs. If you can manage it, adding the second level back would be a good idea. Perhaps you could rearrange the cage layout so that the second floor is more conveniently accessible? Or making a bunk bed? (http://www.calicavycollective.com/2013/05/guinea-pig-bunk-bed.html)
    I find the bunk bed works well because it can easily be moved and doesn't take up much room. Cappuccino would have a place to retreat to if she wants a break from her cagemate.. assuming Mocha isn't motivated enough to follow her up there!

    Love your guinea pigs' coordinating names by the way!

  4. PipPeanutand PiggiesAugust 8, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    This is such a cute story! I recently found your blog, and it is incredibly helpful and chock full of useful information. I currently have two beautiful guinea pigs myself, and love them both to pieces.

    Anyway, I have a few questions: First, I have a similar situation with my pigs, Cappuccino and Mocha. Sometimes Mocha likes to be a little moody sometimes, and I used to have a little 2nd level where Cap liked to jump up onto to "escape". I recently took it out, since getting the fleece in the cage was a hassle with it in my way. Should I put it back in so that Cappuccino can jump onto it to hide from Mocha? Mocha isn't that moody anymore, but occasionally she will try to mount and chase Cappy around.

    Second, what fur type is Cappuccino? She kind of has "fluffy" fur that tufts out in all different directions. It's pretty amateurish of me not to know my own guinea pig's fur type. ;)

    Thanks in advance! Again, love your blog!

  5. Great pillows! Abby-Roo looks very comfy and cute. :)

  6. They're about 5x5 inches (the size of the pattern), stuffed with leftover cotton batting from the felt ornaments project. My sewing skills are minimal so the pillows themselves are actually pretty basic! Since Abby-Roo has been sitting on them so often they've been flattened somewhat so in retrospect I should have stuffed them more, or perhaps used foam.

  7. Noah loves to rest his weary head on something soft, so these pillows would go down a treat with him! Abby-Roo certainly looks like she's comfortable. :-)

  8. I love when they rearrange the "furniture".

    You can't dangle this in front of me without details! How big are the pillows? What did you stuff it with? :-) Inquiring pigs want to know.

    Abby-Roo looks comfy.

  9. She looks like a comfy one :). Speaking of the fleece pillow, I was wondering where I could get fleece in Singapore. I know that I could get it online, but that would be too expensive as I live in Singapore, and the shipping fees could get really pricey. Is there any international stores that has colorful and cute fleece for my 2 piggies? Thanks so much, and I love the accessories that you make for them. Your pigs must live in a piggie-heaven!

  10. Hi Tiffany, sorry to report that I'm not aware of any retailers that sell fleece in Singapore. Have you tried searching online for fabric stores near you that may carry it? I'd recommend calling around to see if they have any in stock. Wish I could be of more help - best of luck!

  11. There's a Toys & Cage Accessories section on my Resources page (http://www.calicavycollective.com/p/useful-links.html) with listings of shops that sell beds, cozies, cuddle cups, etc.

  12. Do you know of any sights where I could get cheap or used little beds?

  13. My guinea pig, Honey, needs one of these! They're so cute! She is soon to have a new baby partner which i'm either naming Kona or Olive. They will definitely these! If I could sew XD