Happy 4th! Fireworks Safety Tips For Your Guinea Pigs

Fireworks safety tips for your guinea pigs

Abby-Roo says Happy Independence Day! While you're out enjoying the festivities, don't forget about your piggies. Like many other pets they have sensitive hearing and can easily be spooked by fireworks, car alarms, or other loud noises.


  • Keep your cavy indoors with the windows closed
  • Provide a quiet space away from evening festivities
  • Give them a familiar pigloo, cozy, or hut to retreat to
  • Drape a cover over their cage
  • Provide ambient noise. Everyday household sounds such as TV, or music can help soothe and distract them so sudden booms aren't quite as startling. 
  • Check on them after you return home. Cuddles, treats, and hugs help reassure your guinea that everything is fine. Veggies make the world go round! Well, the piggy world at least.

Do you have any tips to share for keeping your pigs calm during the fireworks? 


  1. What a cutie, Abby-Roo! Happy 4th!

  2. I found playing soft music while cuddling is a good way to calm your piggy.

    You said something in your last post about vegetarian meat balls (not that it makes you vegetarian) but, I was wondering if you were vegetarian?? I am, so i enjoy making buddies in the world of non-meat eating people. :)

    1. Good tip, thanks for sharing.

      And yes, I've been vegetarian for the past two years :) so hello from another veggie lover!

  3. All it takes is the rattle of the bag of carrots to have my piggies total attention!

  4. Sadly, my piggies don't respond to music. Well, everything but Nicki Minaj's. My piggies just go crazy and start to hide. My 3 1/2 year old pig (Cookie), would jump up in fright, then run under the piggie bed (well, at least it was supposed to be, until my pigs discovered that they could tip the thing over, and use their teeth to pull it up, then crawl under it to total darkness. LOL. Now, it's the hideout my pigs love most). Then, Cocoa (my 4.5 year old pig) would swing it up using her strong teeth, then she would climb under, and nudge Cookie out. Poor Cookie :(.