Inside My Guinea Pig First Aid Kit

A Look Inside My Guinea Pig First Aid Kit 

When it comes to the pigs' health I tend to be cautious and overprepared. I even have my vet on speed dial listed right after the piggy dad. Along those lines, I've made sure to keep a well-stocked supply of medical essentials readily available in case of an emergency.

Here's a look at our guinea pig health kit, separated into first aid essentials and grooming supplies.

Guinea pig first aid essentials

  1. Kitchen scale - to track weight
  2. Heating pad - to keep body temperature warm
  3. Simethicone infant gas relief drops - helps relieve gas buildup 
  4. Syringe: Monoject 412 curved tip, 12 cc - for syringe feeding Critical Care
  5. Syringe: Monoject luer slip, 1mL (no needle) - for syringe feeding water or medication
  6. Oxbow Critical Care, apple banana flavor - syringe feeding formula for when your pig loses his/her appetite
  7. Towels - to wrap your guinea pig in

Guinea pig grooming supplies

  1. Towels
  2. Nail trimmers, sizes large and small
  3. Pet safe shampoo
  4. Cotton balls and swabs
  5. Scissors - for trimming knots or long fur 
  6. Coconut oil, extra virgin - for cleaning your pig's grease gland

Of course, this list of supplies is in no way intended to replace veterinary advice. If your pet is sick or injured, seek help from a qualified guinea pig experienced vet immediately.

Tell us - what's in your cavy first aid kit?


  1. I'd add Colloidal Silver. It is a great multipurpose solution. Great as a natural antibiotic, antibacterial eyedrops and washing wounds.
    I'd also add some senega and Ammonia. This is basis of most cough decongestants.

  2. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing it. I plan to add a few items based on your recommendations.

  3. That looks very much like my first aid kit!

  4. I have only got some animal claw clippers, fur trimmers, animal shampoo and a towel. Poor Herbie keeps losing becuase when we feed him he eats a bit, has a nap and then comes back to find Blossom has eaten most of it and chucked the rest down the ramp.

  5. this was nice and it helped me because in my 4-H group im doing a first aid kit project with my friend Lucy.