Summer, Guinea Pig Style


For humans, the start of summer goes hand in hand with sunblock, celebratory cookouts, refreshing cool drinks, and breezy evenings spent outdoors.

For the pigs, summer means dodging baths, corn husks, watermelon rinds, and warm afternoons spent grazing on the lawn. They haven't had as many lawn mowing opportunities lately so they make quick work of the grass when given the chance. It only takes about half an hour for oddly shaped crop circles to appear in the turf.

Despite being unable to partake with the others Peaches usually joins them outside, sticking close to Poof for company. Even if she's unable to eat with the herd she still insists on being part of herd activities, darn it!

Our favorite apricot-colored pig is currently stable but requires a steady schedule of Critical Care. In spite of her ongoing dental issues she has been remarkably active... not to mention opinionated (don't get her started on the chin sling). We're just thankful that she is stable and feisty as ever.


  1. It's great to see them outside, enjoying playing lawnmowers!
    Peeg cuddles and love to your opinionated wheeeky one xx

  2. Huzzah for outdoor piggies. It's good to see Peaches with the others. I'm sorry she's still so dependent on the critical care. Glad to hear her attitude is good.

  3. Poor peaches, knowing the fact that she's a great lawnmower...