Bay Area Pignic 2014

"So many guinea pigs. Everywhere, " exclaimed a girl to her brother as they peered at the furballs scampering around the pen. Herds of guinea pigs and their owners turned up to support the Bay Area Pignic last Saturday.

It was the warmest BA Pignic to date, with temperatures hovering in the mid 80s. Nevertheless, the heat couldn't keep people away. Over 150 attendees and 90 guineas came out to the event. Volunteers were kept busy giving health checks to feisty cavies while the registration table was a constant buzz of activity. I had my hands full wrangling frisky boars in the communal pen. There were even two very well behaved service dogs waiting patiently in the shade.

As usual, the costume contest was a hit. There was a mermaid, a crocodile, a dragon, a hot dog chef, and a pair that came as a rabbit and a magician. Cupid, Batman, Elton John, and Johnny Cash's guinea pig counterparts also made an appearance. Another standout was the guinea pig dressed as a pig. My favorite was the cavy outfitted as an orange crayon, complete with miniature easel. The raffles, veggie eating contest, and surprise guinea pig wedding also drew crowds.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped to make Pignic a success! We raised $1,500 to support local guinea pig rescues!

For photos, visit the Pignic event album on Shutterfly.
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  1. haha yeah - I am going to send the link to her previous family so they can see her. The two little boys miss her and Amy, the mom, said they just love the two updates I've sent. I am sure they will love the video and all the overflowing chubs!

    I love catching Fergie's angry eyes on camera...you get the full effect of her hatred and disdain for nail trims and humans in general haha. But she totally deserved to get chased by other pigs - she needs a dose of her own medicine from time to time. Heaven knows she puts my girls through a lot, now she knows what it's like!

  2. There were so many clips with your girls in them! I couldn't decide which was funnier - Fergie being chased by the rambunctious abby or refusing to share her carrot with Jaina.

    Hershey's nail trim was super cute. She looks like a chubby beaver haha

  3. Ah yes, Cannoli's long lost cousin piglets! Who knew she had family on the other side of the country? ;)

    We had a separate girls pen, boys pen, and time out pen. Our organizer Lora came up with a great sign - it read "Time Out Pen for Bickering Boars or Sour Sows". Too funny.

  4. Ahhhh what a great video!!! Thanks so much for filming and sharing!

  5. OMG, the cute! So many pigs! I didn't realize you did the common pens like the Boston pignic. The grass looks so green and lovely. And I loved the set of Cannoli-look alikes. Whee!

    Congrats on a successful pignic and raising that much for the rescues.