Blueberry Antics

Poof and Truffle 

It's no secret that the Cali Cavy girls looove their blueberries. And when I say love, I mean they'll even freely climb over each other to get to the prize.

Blueberries were on sale at our local grocery store so I picked up several containers for both pig and human consumption. Poof got a little too excited when she caught whiff of the windfall awaiting her and clambered straight over an unsuspecting Truffle. Cue squinty-eyed, indignant squeaks from the pig below. Usually Truffle and Belka are the ones using poor Poof as a stool so it was quite funny to see the opposite for a change. Not to worry though - they both got their share of the snacks.

What's the craziest thing your guineas have done in the name of treats?


  1. haha, too cute! Sorry, Truffle. But it sounds like you might have earned it ;)

    As evidenced by every Christmas pigture blooper reel ever, Fergie is a big fan of standing on top of poor Jaina for treats.

    And I don't know if the pigloo really counts as a treat but our girls LOVE it. I love it less, because it accumulates a big stink cloud, yuck. But when I put the pigloo on our second level, Fergie will stand sideways at the top of the ramp to block it and kick approaching pigs in the face, letting them know the pigloo is HERS. I laugh and feel bad at the same time. I love my spunky little Fergs :)

  2. Gotta get that blueberry! That is a great photo.

    I used to put treats in a bowl. Abercrombie would grab the bowl, drag it over to the house, and tip the bowl so it would block the main entrance. Then she'd move move her butt around to block off the other entrances to the hide house so Pandora couldn't get in and eat all the treat by herself!

  3. More than once, I've seen my pigs stand up on their back feet when they see me coming with veggies, only to get too excited and fall over backwards.

  4. Haha. My pigs have done that two. They love blueberries and always get purple chins and lips and all down their necks. :)

  5. Here's my boy Walt. Jr after eating a blackberry ^_^ (I have no idea why it uploaded it sideways)

  6. What a cutie! I can see he thoroughly enjoyed his blackberry, as evidenced by his nose stain haha.

    I love seeing pigs literally falling over themselves in excitement.

  7. Kicking approaching pigs in the face...?! Fergie should try out for a soccer team.. maybe get herself a sponsorship or two to pay for vet bills haha.