Top 10 Guinea Pig Articles of 2014

Can you believe 2015 is only hours away? I know I'm not quite ready yet - there are pig toenails to be trimmed, cages to be cleaned, and one last adventure to be embarked upon. We'll be closing out 2014 by snowshoeing around snowcapped volcanoes while the girls remain snug and cozy at home.

Whether you're a new visitor or a longtime reader, here's a look back at some of your favorite guinea pig articles from the past year.

A Glass or Plastic Water Bottle for Your Guinea Pig?
8 reasons why your pig should be drinking from a glass water bottle.

11 Tips to Clean Your Guinea Pig's Fleece Bedding
11 tips to spotless fleece bedding. Until five minutes after your pigs get back on it, of course. 

Guinea Pig first aid kit
A look inside my guinea pig first aid kit.

Guinea pig hay storage - wicker laundry bin
A functional and aesthetically pleasing hay storage solution.

Poof with guinea pig paw print keepsake
Piggy paw prints tutorial.

Comprehensive Guide to Fleece Bedding for Your Guinea Pig
Everything you need to know about using fleece bedding.

Abby-Roo  Pillows
Abby-Roo ended up loving these pig-sized pillows. The cuteness..!

Peaches Meds
After bravely battling malocclusion, our beloved Peaches left for Rainbow Bridge in July. We miss her dearly and know she must be happy finally being able to eat everything in sight again.

Poof nestled in hay box
DIY guinea pig toy: a box of hay.

9 Solutions to Stop Fleece Burrowing
9 solutions to prevent fleece burrowing. Consider yourself lucky if you don't need to resort to these.

Cheers to 2015!

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  1. I've checked out a lot of those posts more than once. I know your fleece burrowing post is popular - I get a lot of traffic from that link. Thanks! :-)