Enjoying our new cushioned cozy

Our favorite new toy from last weekend's OCCH Pignic is without a doubt, Gin Gin's Comfy Cozy. This isn't your average everyday fleece cozy - these are insulated so when you snuggle up for a nap in one, you get to really enjoy being cushioned and pampered! Because what piggy ISN'T royalty?

Anyways, our humans selected us multicolored crown pattern on a lavender background with pink lining. They thought it suited us because whee sows can be quite the little divas. Whee have no idea what they're talking about - now if each of us had our own personalized cozy, then they could call us divas! The very pretty Gin Gin also offers cozies that you can customize with your piggy's name and pigture. Whee especially like how these come in different sizes, because of course, not everypig is the same!

Here are pigtures of us demonstrating some of the many ways you can use a cozy (click so you can see our cute selves at full size). For starters, you can hide and nap in them. Poof likes to use cozies as a lookout post by sitting underneath and staring down any passing humans. Revy also enjoys utilizing them as a couch, whee often see her lounging about on top of it. Truffle occasionally uses it as a pillow. Even your humans can get some use out of one, because they can use it to cuddle you in, or safely carry you from place to place (therefore eliminating the usual requisite squirming).

Truffle reads the care sheet instructions personally autographed by Gin Gin

Truffle's preferred method of transport

Revy uses the cozy as a pillow

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