PiggyPoems: On world domination

Hard at work

Coppy took a brief interlude from her daily piggy world domination plans to compose these lovely haikus:

Wheek out loud you may,
But world takeover's a must
For all cavykind!

Whee plot every day
But thinking makes us hungry
Must pause to have lunch

Chut chut squeak squeak wheeEEEK!
Crinkle crinkle, nom nom munch
Peegs hungry no more.

One small step for peeg,
One big leap for cavykind!
Starting with the moon.

O carrot, carrot!
Wherefore art thou, my carrot?
New goal, veggie bin.

Dear Vexatious Fridge,
Oh why must you thwart me so?
You hide what whee seek.

Ah ha, solution!
Summon humans - wheek wheek wheek
Who's the real boss here?

The author emerges from her secluded gnaw-able hideaway

...because even world leaders have to eat!

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