Belka and Truffle, Partners in Crime


Sisters Belka and Truffle teamed up for their Halloween outfits as Cowpigs of the Wild West! Once again, Truffle donned her favorite cowboy hat while Belka chose to sport her signature sombrero.

These two guinea pig partners in crime joined forces to capture more of the feral carrots that have been roaming the countryside. "Wheeeek-haw!" squeaked Truffle excitedly.


When it comes to carrot trapping, it goes without saying that two pigs are better than one. Our two agouti adventurers managed to lasso a meandering carrot almost immediately. Belka stayed on the lookout for more while Truffle inspected their catch.


Belka's efforts were not in vain - without warning, a hostile carrot lunged at them from behind a nearby cactus. Always on alert, Belka seized the carrot in mid leap and subdued it with a single crunch of her piggy teeth.


Working together, Truffle and Belka managed to amass quite the collection of carrots in no time at all. They decided to save some for later and stored them on the rim of Belka's sombrero.


After finishing their tasty meal of carrots, our favorite cowpigs went scampering off into the sunset, already on another mission. But this time, Belka and Truffle went in search of a cozy fleece hideaway to sleep in!



  1. Excellent work there with the carrot wrangling, excellent work.

    I have taken over Mummys laptop in order to better communicate our plans to take over the waaaaarld.

    Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Boomzilla out.

  2. Dispatching message to Most Evil Peegy Boomzilla, why has your mummy not surrendered permanent possession of her laptop to you peegs yet? Whee think you should revolt! Even world domination is a bit more difficult without computers nowadays, every ruthless peeg should have their own #OccupyLaptop

  3. I knew it was a bad idea leaving my laptop out when I went to work! What else has my little horror been up to? I did find a copy of a letter to the commander of the SAS proposing a lunch meeting, dear lord.......

  4. Whee know nothing! Good pigs never share piggy secrets 0:)

  5. Helloe it is I a fellow guinea pig may I join you? I have finaly gotten ahold of my momeees laptop!
    Dusty a giuneapig

  6. Hi Dusty, of course all piggies are welcome to join us! :)