Belka, Sombrero Bandit


Matching her sister Truffle, Belka is also masquerading as a cowpig in the Wild West for Halloween.

However, whereas Truffle likes wearing cowboy hats, Belka prefers to don mini sombreros. She thinks they are the perfect size for guinea pigs, and quite festive. Every so often, she will remove her sombrero to groom it.


This adventurous agouti outlaw takes great pride in her trapping skills. She has captured all sorts of savage creatures in her traps, including untamed lettuce, ferocious fruits, undomesticated parsley, and wild dandelion greens. Here she is, carefully inspecting a feral carrot that has fallen by the wayside.


Belka watches as the carrot attempts to escape.


Belka manages to pull down and suppress the uncooperative carrot, all while looking stylishly unruffled in her snazzy sombrero hat. "Yeehaw!" she wheeks triumphantly.


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