Coppy and Poof, the two sides of a cavy's conscience

Coppy: Be kind and share your food with your other piggy friends!

Last Halloween, Coppy and Poof dressed up as the two sides of a cavy's conscience.

Coppy was the angelic little abby sitting on one side of every guinea pig's shoulder, telling them to be nice and share the food with other their other piggy friends.

Poof on the other hand, played the devilish little abby sitting on the other shoulder, wheeking at them to nip, steal, and hoard all the food in the cage!

Which abby's advice does your piggy listen to more often?

Poof: Nip and bite, steal and hoard the food!

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  1. It will come as no surprise that Boomzilla listens to the devil pig on her shoulder!