Poof the Magical Wizard Piggy


Who is the mysterious piggy standing on that stage? Why, its Poof! This year, Poof is dressing up as a guinea pig wizard for Halloween. She put on a fun magic show for us earlier, whee were quite impressed.

For her first act, Poof told us that she would be turning a glass pumpkin into a real pumpkin. Initially we were skeptical, and chose to continue munching our lettuce instead of paying attention to her. Like every other attention-loving piggy, Poof did not appreciate our lack of enthusiasm and durred at us in disapproval.


She then proceeded to knock us off our paws (but not the lettuce) by turning the pretty pumpkin into an edible pumpkin! Yes, we didn't believe her either until we saw it with our very eyes..

Following that remarkable feat, Poof made a carrot appear out of nowhere and told us it was time for an intermission before her next act. Whee can safely say that we don't wonder how she made that carrot disappear! 



  1. Great magic trick we guess Poof has opened her mouth to say the magic words lol

  2. Ghost, you got it! Either that, or Poof just wanted to wheek for some veggies.

    Thanks PaintedThread! Luckily all of the piggies don't mind wearing them.