Coppy the cuddle cavy

Sleeping Coppy

Nothing like curling up for a nap after a delicious leafy meal of greens! Our humans always enjoy cuddle time with us guinea piggies and think its especially cute when we stretch out on the couch next to them.

Sometimes they do this when reading a book or magazine, but we are more entertained when a movie or TV is involved. It's not like we are allowed to eat literature, after all. Currently our favorite show to watch is ABC's Once Upon A Time. Fairy tales with a modern spin and unexpectedly sinister twists interspersed with beautiful Canadian scenery, what's not to love? Those lush green forests in particular make us think of food.

Humans think we snuggle next to them because we love and trust them, but really, whee just think they make excellent space heaters.

Do any other piggies out there enjoy watching TV/movies? Or do you prefer a tasty book?

"Is it time for another meal yet?"

"Commercial breaks mean more food, right?"

"Am awake now. Feed me."


  1. The late lamented Pinky loved to watch tv, she would manoeuvre herself to maximise her viewing. Woody loves sitting on his beloved Mummy and watching tv but he doesn't mind if he can see the tv as long as he is on his Mummy.

    Starbuck is not fussed and Boomzilla prefers to keep a close eye on her human minions rather than the tv.

  2. Woody is such a cuddly piggy! Boomzilla sounds sort of like Revy, who will keep turning in different directions to see what is going on around her or more likely, to check if any vegetables have magically appeared.