Out on the lawn

Now that autumn is winding down and chilly winter fronts have begun blowing in, we no longer get to play and munch grass outside on the lawn. Since whee guinea pigs are particularly susceptible to upper respiratory infections (URIs), our humans don't let us go out for fear of us catching a draft. Such a shame, especially since the grass finally started to grow back in again.

The last time we spent a leisurely afternoon in the sun was about a month ago. We do miss grazing outdoors, but at least they cut grass for us and bring it in so we can still enjoy it in the leisure of our pigloos and snug fleece huts. If they didn't then we would have to give them poor marks on their Piggy Slave Performance Reviews and possibly even terminate them. Piggies have got to have standards, you know.

Google Earth view, 100000x zoom
The mob is watching you


  1. I love the "mob" pic - each with a blade of grass. They all look so happy to be outside.

  2. You have excellently trained staff and their devotion is an example to all. I commend you on your commitment to the cause of peegy waaaaaarld domination. Our Mummy picks grass for us and brings it inside-we like this.

    Field Marshall Boomer

  3. haha! lol - I totally agree with you! <3 cute piggies!

  4. PaintedThread, glad you noticed that! We thought it was funny too, especially as each blade of grass is on the right side.

    Field Marshall Boomer, message received. Whee consider our personal staff merely satisfactory, we would give them higher marks if they brought us fresh picked grass more often, say every 8 hours. Must admit though, picking grass for 4-5 peegs is no small feat given our appetites.

    Lillove, thank you! Whee think we are cute piggies too.