A guinea pig's breakfast in bed

Coppy surveys her breakfast offerings

Every human has experienced days when they just don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Well, the same is true for us guinea pigs! Except when humans stay in bed they get called lazy - when piggies stay in bed (or in this case, our cuddle cup cozies) whee get called cute.

On days like these, it is nice to have your own piggy slave because not only do you get petted and cooed over, but they also bring you breakfast in bed.

For us piggies, a healthy breakfast consists of green leafy vegetables, and if we're lucky, wheatgrass or fruit on the side for dessert. Afterwards we top everything off with some fresh hay.

"MY apple... one for me, none for you!"

"Wheek! Why don't I have heated floors?"

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