Belka & Truffle's Pat Carrot and Billy the Pig magnet from Guinea Pig Magazine!

Truffle and Belka strike a pose

Whee are very excited to share that Belka and Truffle are now the stars of an adorable refrigerator magnet sold in the Guinea Pig Magazine online shop!

The magnet is a play on the 1970s Western film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. The pigture on the front of the magnet is from Truffle and Belka's Halloween adventures as Cowpigs of the Wild West, where the piggy partners in crime went off to lasso feral carrots.

Of course, there are more cavy themed fridge magnets available on the GPM shop, some of which say "Cavy Slave", "Pig Fridge" and "Feed me, I'm hungry again!". We must remember to pick a few up ourselves one of these days, perhaps with our next subscription. You can also personalize magnets with pictures of your own cavies. These are perfect for piggy slaves!

Belka is camera shy!

Magnet closeup

Can you guess whose piggy but this is?

"Can you tell we're sisters?"

All proceeds go directly to support Guinea Pig Magazine. Cali Cavy Collective does not manufacture or profit from the sale of this magnet.


  1. You two are so cute, it makes me want to hug.

  2. Mr. Brian, hugs are welcome! Food is too ;)

  3. Billy The Pig magnet?
    Where's mine?
    Love Billy.

  4. Butt dimple!

    They're so darned cute I just want to snorgle them.